Brawn Hand Sanitizer® 250ml

Unique herbal formulation blended with 100% natural actives that give effective protection against disease-causing germs including bacteria and viruses and leaves the hand moisturized. Brawn Hand Sanitizer with 70% alcohol and available in 120ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml & 5000ml, with the spray, Push top button, Dispenser, Plastic can, etc. Ingredients: Neem Extracts Tulsi Aloe vera Extracts …

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Third-Party Contract Manufacturing


Ayurvedic Manufacturing Company –Founded in the year 2015, Brawn believes Ayurveda has all the secrets of mother nature that can give the best herbs for mankind. We bring quality products with the traditional values and ancient ayurvedic uses for the treatments. Brawn cosmetics & herbals adhere to WHO-GMP Certified Pharmaceuticals manufacturing unit bases in Gurugram. Our work has been perceived by all heights to become a reputed and esteemed name in the market for quality and professionalism that we have provided over the years. We are a well-known Ayurveda brand name of India that having specialization in blending traditional ayurvedic science for formulation & development of Ayurvedic/Herbal products to solve health-related challenges of modern lifestyle  Our range includes third-party manufacturing of product range like:  Creams Powder Syrups Liquids Suspension Haircare range Baby products Range Immunity booster range Why to Choose Us for Third Party Manufacturing Ayurvedic manufacturing is a good way to increase your profit. Taking third party outsourcing helps companies & business in many ways. 1. You can easily expand your business goals shifting your concerns from manufacturing. Let the tension be on the other company which is expert in it. 2. It is best for marketing companies who want to focus on better deals, sales and expansion in near future. 3. These services help you save on costing and big budgets that you spend on various processes in making a medicine.(Traveling, follow up & Worries)

Brawn Hand Sanitizer 50ml

The unique herbal formulation blended with 100% natural actives that give effective protection against disease-causing germs including bacteria, viruses and leaves the hands moisturized. Kills 99.99% of germs instantly. Food safe formula with 100% natural actives. Directions: Apply on your palm. Spread & rub over the back of hands & fingerprints until dry. No Water …

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