Pain Reliever


ACHOO Pain Balm

A natural solution for pain problemsPocket size / Easy to carryNon-irritant to skinSafe in pregnancyThe long shelf life of 2 ...
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ACHOO Pain Balm Plus

A strong formulation for pain management.Product for multiple problems.Non-irritant to skinSafe in pregnancy Long shelf life of 3 yearEconomicalInstant relief ...
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ACH…OO Pain oil/Halsa+ Orthohale Pain Oil

Natural Oil for pain management.Non-irritant to skinSafe in pregnancyLong shelf life of 3 yearEconomical100 % Blend of Natural Actives An ...
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Halsa+ /ACH…OO Pain Gel

Instant relief from pain,Natural active added,Avoid Side Effects of Chemical Medication,Pure, Safe & Effective,With cooling & soothing effects, An Herbal ...
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Halsa+ Orthohale Syrup

100 % natural product, Complete care for joint & pain problems,No side effect,Gives a synergistic effect,Safe & relieve problems from ...
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