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Brawn Cosmetics Herbals -Terms and Conditions

Kindly go through the following terms and conditions thoroughly and carefully. Your browsing of this website or purchasing any product thorough this website or using any other services provided by the website is indicative of your acceptance of all these terms and conditions.

Your browsing of this website or using any of its services is indicative of your consent that you have read, understood and stand bound by these terms and conditions and any other policies as provided on the website. . You may choose to not to browse our website or use any of its service in case you do not approve of these terms and condition..

In the subsequent headings, terms such as ‘you’, ‘user’ shall refer to the end user having access to the website, using its content and services. Independent third party providers will be referred to as “Service Providers”. Terms like “we”, “us”, “our” shall refer to Brawn Herbals


1.   brawnherbals.com, brawnherbals.in, brawncosmeticsandherbals.com, brawncosmeticsandherbals.in are e-commerce portals operated by Brawn Cosmetics and Herbals, a company registered and operating under Indian Law.

2.    The website can be used by you with compliance with all the terms and conditions enlisted.  The sole right to decide if a user can or cannot register on the website with no reason thereof resides with Brawn Cosmetics and Herbals.

Registration of User:

Any person browsing the website may choose to register with us on a completely voluntarily basis by disclosing certain required information. Any information provided would be governed by our Privacy Policy.   On the provision of the required information, an account would be opened with the username and password. The maintenance of confidentiality of username, password and conduct of all activities under it is the user’s responsibility.  You must inform any unauthorized or suspicious activity under a user account to the customer service email id i.e achoo@brawnherbals.com immediately.

For your security and confidentiality, you must log off from your user account as soon as your session is over.  We are not liable for any loss or damage which could be incurred due to your failure to comply with this section.

The Brawn Cosmetics and Herbals reserves rights to terminate accounts, cancel orders or deprive the COD option whenever necessary.

Services Offered:

The Brawn Cosmetics and Herbals website provides a number of services that are internet-based. One of these services is to display or offer for sale our products such as herbal and natural cosmetics, toiletries, etc. to our users. Any user may, upon registration with us, place an order for purchase. The user placing any order would be governed by our Purchase Policy and Return and Exchange Policy 

General Conduct and Rules to be adhered by the User:

  1. The user must not reproduce copy or modify, distribute, publish, license or sell any information from this website.
  2. Users should monitor their activity on the website at all times.
  3. User should always post and upload only correct and decent information
  4. Users should adhere to general web mannerism and should not violate legal and social norms.
  5. Users should never upload files that are infected by viruses, corrupted files, or illegal files.
  6. Users should never violate the terms and conditions as enlisted in these sections.
  7. Users should never exploit any service provided by Brawn Cosmetics and Herbals. Users should never carry out any form of activity that defames or abuses Brawn Cosmetics and Herbals.

Accuracy of information provided by User:

The user must guarantee, certify and warrant that they are the rightful owner of the content that they provide or submit on our website. The user must be authorized to use the content that he/she has provided on the website. It should not violate any property law, intellectual law or any right or law whatsoever.

Accuracy of Information by Brawn Cosmetics and Herbals:

We strive our best to be as accurate as possible in terms of provision of information on the website. However, we hereby provides a  disclaimer that the information provided here is for general purpose and it should not be relied upon or used as sole factor for decision making. The finishing and appearance of the product displayed on the website are subject to certain variations. Your order may sometimes need to be altered in terms of color, merchandise, size, and other specifications based on their availability.

Other Important Points:

  1. Terms and conditions that apply to special offers, promotions and contests shall be provided separately on the website. In the case of clashing terms, these terms and conditions will always hold true.
  2. We are the merchant party and hold no liability for claims of damage or loss that can arise in any way due to the non-authorization of a bank card transaction due to the norms of the bank.
  3. The customer agrees fully never to hold Brawn Cosmetics and Herbals liable for delay of access or interrupted business, misdelivery, non-delivery, corruption, loss or damage due to dealings with third party links, system failures, virus infection, or malfunctions or any other event that extend beyond the control of the company.
  4. In case the user faces any problem while using our services, he may kindly report the same to our customer care email id.
  5. All products on Brawn Cosmetics and Herbals are manufactured using the utmost care. Although they have been made suitable for human use, the user agrees to use them at their own risk as users may be allergic to certain ingredients of the products. .  User should take all precautions and should be aware of medical norms at his own sole responsibility.
  6. Brawn Cosmetics and Herbals can rightfully suspend or terminate your use of the website or any service if it is content that you have violated the terms and conditions.
  7. Unless stated otherwise, Brawn Cosmetics and Herbals have the sole ownership of all the brands, products and services enlisted on this website.
  8. We reserve every right to modify and amend any term or condition at any time without prior notice.


The User has consented to defend and indemnify the Brawn Cosmetics and Herbals from any loss, liability, damages incurred by us due to any claim made by the user or any third party due to breach or non-fulfillment of any terms and conditions as mentioned in these ‘Terms and Condition’ or as mentioned in other policies relating to the use of these websites.

 Governing Law:

Terms and conditions as mentioned in these ‘Terms and Condition’ or as mentioned in other policies relating to the use of this website, would be governed by laws of India and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in New Delhi, India.